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On a totally different note, today I have been inflicted with a lot of penis. Not the boyfs...he is in Israel...but instead, lots of men 'adjusting' their 'packages' and my eyes being drawn to it. I am bewildered by this - I mean seriously, does the male population have thrush, or just a serious case of nob cheese? And I doubt it's because this is a well endowed population. The men in my workplace are TERRIBLE for it and there is no discretion, which means the sudden jerking movement always draws my eyes to their crotches and I look like some penis lover, when in fact, I am traumatised. But to be fair to them, it's not just my colleagues; it's most guys. As I dashed through Victoria Station for my train, there was a guy carrying a big sheet of glass and he paused to touch his nuts. Someone else on the train touched their nuts several times in a matter of minutes. Another one kept touching his nuts whilst on his mobile phone, then sticking his finger up his nose (don't start me on that grotesque habit) It's like some sort of penile tic...